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The Country Ukraine: A Beautiful Nation Going Through a Terrifying Time - InstaAirfares
The Country Ukraine: A Beautiful Nation Going Through a Terrifying Time
The Country Ukraine: A Beautiful Nation Going Through a Terrifying Time
Mar 07, 2022

Being stuck in a country going through war is even far worse than being in a country that is struck by a natural disaster. The people in Ukraine are constantly frightened. They were desperately looking to book last minute flights deals at any cost to reach a safer place or back to their home country. Even the natives of Ukraine are trying to get to nearby countries as refugees so they can at least save their lives. 

This article will discuss everything you would like to know about Ukraine and a brief insight into the current situation.

About the country

Ukraine is the second-largest European country after Russia and lies in the eastern region of Europe. Ukraine shares its border with seven countries: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Russia, and Belarus. Ukraine is popularly known around the globe for its varied landscapes, rich cultures, diverse traditions, and good-looking people.

Kyiv, L’viv, and Odesa are popular among tourists in Ukraine. Kyiv is the capital city of Ukraine and is also deemed as the greenest city in the country; and offers astounding Soviet architecture, fabulous street art, and many peaceful spots for relaxation. On the other hand, L’viv is best known for the best festivals in the country, and it is rich in historical events, beautiful architecture, and cultural values.

There is also a city named Pripyat in Ukraine known to be a city of ghosts and for a big tragic event. On April 26, 1986, a nuclear reactor exploded in a plant near Pripyat. The fire after the explosion burnt continuously for ten days, and the plume from this explosion dispersed across Europe to countries like Greece and Ireland. Although this incident occurred about 35 years ago, the city is still deserted.

Why do Foreigners prefer Ukraine for studies?

Ukraine is a popular choice to pursue medical studies for international students. The reason is that medical studies in many countries are very demanding, strict, and at the same time expensive. Meanwhile, colleges in Ukraine don’t mandate to clear entrance exams, and the fees in Ukraine colleges are between $3300 To $5400 annually.

Reasons behind Russo-Ukrainian War

The war between Russia and Ukraine took place in 2014 when Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine by force. Since then, the relationships between these two countries have been rough. On February 24, 2022, the Russian military started invading Ukraine, leading to a war between these two countries.

The reason behind this war is that Russia wants to keep Ukraine and other former Soviet countries out of NATO. Russia is worried that if Ukraine joins NATO, these nations’ groups that don’t have good relationships with Russia will move closer to them. They believe that Ukraine will be able to claim Crimea after joining NATO and attack Russia with the support of other former Soviet nations. Russia demands that Ukraine stay out of NATO and act as a neutral state. All these reasons are leading to the current Russo-Ukraine war.

Evacuation and Help

Many countries have started evacuating their citizens who were in Ukraine. The Indian government has announced that they have successfully evacuated every Indian citizen from Kyiv. They have brought more than 12000 Indian citizens out of 20000 from Ukraine back to their home country. They are continuously putting efforts into getting the remaining Indians back to India. 

United Nations and many international organizations have started helping out the people who have fled from the war-stuck areas of Ukraine. United Nations is helping the refugees who fled to nearby countries with shelter, food, medical supplies, and protection. 

Other countries have been involved in this war as well. Some countries like Germany and Netherlands are helping Ukraine with weapons and arm forces, and India is helping Ukraine with medicines and other medical supplies. We hope that this war comes to an end soon and people can live everyday life again. If you want to help, you can donate money to organizations collecting funds to help those people out. You can also help people reach their home countries safely by assisting them in getting international flights ticket online at cheaper rates.

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