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Student Deals

There are millions of students who plan to go abroad for higher studies. Jelling in the atmosphere and culture, they plan to settle and even look for career options. Same way, various students also visit India from different parts of the world. This leads to a whole new category of students who are traveling through air from countries like the USA, Canada, etc. They visit India for an internship, tourism, vacation, studies, courses, coaching and many more reasons.

We are catering to the student category and bringing them special deals that will make their travel affordable. We understand that a student cannot spend money that lavishly as he is still in the learning phase. Many are striving hard to support their education and several others are taking help from part-time jobs. To make their lives easier, we bring you the student deals under which, you can easily book cheap flights from the USA to India or Canada to India.

Deals from airlines

Many travel agencies or travel agents hide the relaxations provided by the airlines and keep the charges of the tickets as it is. However, we tend to disrupt this norm and bring transparency, helping students enjoy the deals that are meant for them.

Here is a breakdown of student deals offered by popular airlines:

Air India

The company offers the maximum discount one can bag as a student. This is the discount many travel companies set eyes on to increase the weight of their pockets. You will be amazed to know that the discount given is 50% on the base fare. You will have to settle with the economy class cabin to avail this special discount.

Go air

The airline offer students a whopping 15% discount on their base fare. This is one of the first airlines that started the student policy scheme and is still maintaining it. Under this relaxation, as a student, you can carry 25kg of baggage on the flight without any charges.


When you book flights on Vistara as a student, you will get a discount on domestic flights for economy class and economy Flexi class seats. The discount is around 10 % but may change subject to the time and availability of the seats. For the economy lite class, the discount is 5%. The baggage cost is free and you can carry as much luggage as you want.


The most popular flight of India will allow a discount of up to 6% on base airline fare. The baggage is allowed as standard protocols along with added 10kg weight are allowed. The discount and conditions are valid only if you have made bookings until 31st of March, 2021.


The airline offers a 6% of discount with baggage travel allowed. You can also carry an additional 25kg of luggage with you.

Requirements for availing

One should strictly fall in the student category if he or she wants to avail of the discount. This means that you should be aged between12 to 26 for availing of student deals. Another important prerequisite is the International Student Card Identity also called ISIC. As a student, you can easily get it from your university or school. The ID will help you go shopping, sightseeing, touring and do much more activity with more discounted rates. This beneficial scheme is followed by every country in the world, not just India. Lastly, don’t forget to carry your ID card always with you. This will help you provide your identity and the authorities can certify your discounts using your ID. You can also carry the ID proof of your educational institute. Any other ID proof can also work in this case.

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