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Disclaimer - InstaAirfares


Insta Air Fares is not a platform for making flight arrangements with any type of third-party companies or airlines. If you are using this site, you are acknowledging that the pricing we are offering may change in the future and as per the events that are not under our control. This also includes the addition of carrying taxes, applicable fees, etc.

We are not liable if you find any type of errors or inaccurate data on this site. We are also not
responsible if the Flight Suppliers fail to provide the services for tickets booked on this site. This includes airlines and other travel companies as well. We are not promoting, assuring, or insuring any products or solutions that you are availing from this site provided by an external supplier. If you face any type of financial loss from any supplier or do not get the resimbursement or face drastic results, we shall not be held responsible in any such scenario.

In case the supplier is caught at default before he has supplied the services to you, you are eligible to pursue any legal course against that very supplier. You can also look for a refund as per the norms set by the law or the statute of the state.

Besides a specificially stated quote here, Insta Air Fares do not take responsibility for any type of actions that relate to the services of the airlines that are beyond our control. We also won’t be responsible for any action from the employees of the airlines. If you found any act, omission, loss, delay, irregularity, injury, accident, or any such consequence, it may be occasioned with negect, we shall not be held responsible.

We shall not be held responsible if there is any change or fluctuation in the fares of the tickets. The
same applies to the change in the schedule of any airline services.
Insta Air Fares is not responsible for any reasons that relate to:

Insta Air Fares is not responsible for any reasons that relate to:

Insta Air Fares is not liable for the representation of products related to travel or similar services that are performed by the supplier of travel companies, including items such as photographs, listed amenities, discounts, etc.

If you have any issues with final currency conversion, we are not liable for such a scenario. This happens when the booking is done where the rates are paid and the reservation is done with us. You agree that currency rates may change and vary as per the price on the site in the local currency guidelines of the particular country. This rule is not binding to our company.

In the case of certain reservations, the refunding scheme and terms do not apply at all. In some other cases, there may be penalties involved when you are looking for cancellation or refund from the particular airlines you are traveling with. If tickets are issues, you can face penalties or non-acceptance of cancellation requests by the airlines. This cannot be changed or governed by us.

If you are seeking discounts, you need to know that they also depend on certain conditions and terms. Various factors like airlines used, service class, time of booking, season time, advance booking, or flight load may change the discounts and decide your eligibility to avail of the offers.

Insta Air Fares do not guarantee to validate or promote any advertiser’s services or products on our website.

Please note that when you book on Insta Air Fares, you are a part of the contract with you and the airline. There are various additional terms and conditions that you are applicable to, given by the airlines. You and your booking or purchase of travel goods or availing of services are all a part of this contract. You agree to abide by all of these Terms And Conditions about the purchase provided by the airline with which you contract. This may include but is not limited to the payment of amounts and dues with compliance with airline rules and restrictions for use of fares, services, etc.

You acknowledge that if you violate the airline’s rules or restrictions, it may result in the cancellation of your reservation(s). This will happen in the process of denial to respective services. Any amount paid for the reservation may be forfeit in this case. Any costs can be incurred as a result of such a violation.

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